The Sun and The Moon


The Sun and the Moon are very interesting things. They are created by God and they are same of the celestial bodies. Every day it’s if not cloudy in the sky. And also they have many differences, for example the Sun to appearance at noon and the Moon to appearance at night. It is one of many differences and similarities between the Sun and the Moon.

In other hand, the Sun has many similarities with the Moon, they have same shape. They are circle shape. And also they can shine the earth with their light. With their light, so they are very benefit and advantages for people, plants, animal, etc in the earth. Because the Sun and the Moon light can people, such as the Sun can help photosynthesis plants, and then can dry clothes, shoes, etc. While the Moon light can shine the earth at night when darkness. So, the people very need them for their life, because the Sun and the Moon very important for people. And other they similar, they are also located in solar system. Continue reading

What are cause and effect of problem between friends?


Friend is someone who always there when happy and sad moments. And always there when we are need them. Of course, everyone have friends, for child until adult. We are has friends to play, to joke, and sharing about each their problems. But in side of all, exactly we are has many story about problem with their friends. During their friendship, of course we ever feel hate with our friends. Because they are have any problem with us. However, we are now explaining what are cause and effect problem between friends? Continue reading

Rahasia seorang wanita

dearsis wanitasolehah

Rahasia seorang wanita

Wanita ternyata seperti ini…

Wanita itu memang kalah fisik sama laki laki tapi laki laki kalah kekuatan hati sama wanita.

Wanita itu sederhana

Ia hanya ingin di hargai oleh laki laki yang di cintainya.

Ia hanya ingin di jaga kehormatannya oleh kekasih halalnya.

Ia hanya butuh ketulusan dan kasih sayang yang sesungguhnya. Continue reading

Interview with a foreigner


This is about my experience to interview a foreigner that I met in Prawira Taman at last Sunday. I and my friends go to malioboro to find a foreigner, the first we search in J CO mall but we can’t saw a foreigner. And then, we walked around in J CO mall, we met many foreigner but they look busy. So we thinks to find a foreigner in another place. Finally, we are agree to find in Prawira Taman or the most familiar is called Kampoeng Bule. Continue reading